Esoterik Guitars

Your dream guitar awaits

The meticulous design and build quality of an Esoterik Guitar is second to none. Below are some of the highlighted features that set us apart from the rest. 

The high-end tonewoods for each guitar have been precisely chosen to provide the optimum weight, strength, balance, aesthetics, feel and tone for each particular model. The pickups and hardware are then painstakingly matched with each model to complement and enhance the chosen wood combinations. The chart below will give you a basic idea of the weight and tone of the woods selected for each model. 

Every new Esoterik Guitars order also receives a free custom fit hardshell guitar case, Esoterik Guitars T-shirt, your choice of guitar strings, a custom setup with your choice of tuning, a one (1) year manufacturer's warranty on all parts and labor and a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money-back!

All Esoterik Guitars are now sold factory direct and shipped worldwide! Ordering direct is a win-win. By cutting out the middleman and selling direct, we are able to eliminate distributors, wholesalers, retailers, sales commissions and unnecessary transportation of products between these sources which has a positive environmental impact as well. This allows us to sell the highest quality guitars at the lowest prices possible.


All of our guitars are topped off with the absolute best pickups, bridges, nuts, tuners and electronics available from the below hardware manufacturers.