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"I have never experienced anything like Esoterik Guitars.  At first glance the craftsmanship and attention to detail is immaculate.  The absolutely flawless intonation and highly efficient design actually makes me play better and inspires me to write.  Extremely durable and very lightweight.  Finally an instrument that stays in tune after hours of aggressive technical playing.  These guitars do extremely well on the road for weeks through weather changes too.  Most reliable touring guitars I've ever owned. These instruments are definitely next level.  Proud to be part of the Esoterik family and honored to play these beautiful guitars!"

-Matti Hoffman DEAD GIRLS ACADEMY / Solo Artist

"I’ve been through a lot of guitars in my time, and the DR1 is exactly the one I was always hoping to find. The body contours make it seem like a natural extension of your arms, and the feel of the neck is incredibly fast and comfortable across the entire fretboard. Plus, the guitar resonates huge and sustains for days. The tone is crystal clear, even with the gain cranked way up. It feels like it plays itself, barely any effort required. The only downside to this guitar is that it makes it hard to leave the house (or the studio or the stage). You just don’t want to put it down. Esoterik has without question, knocked it out of the park.”


"I have never played anything like an Esoterik...they have eliminated any writer's block and they're so comfortable that killer riffs just about write themselves. They are without a doubt the finest guitars I have ever used and I am not obligated to say that."


"It's a confident guitar. That confidence transfers to my body and hands when I go to this guitar. Simply because of the quality of materials and level of artistry that went into making it. Also the attention to detail for what guitar players need. Now we're all different and we want different feels. But this guitar is just something I need in my arsenal. When other guitars don't feel right I can always go to my DR2 and feel comfortable. The things I enjoy most about this guitar are not only the look and feel of the contour when against your body but mainly the tension of the tremolo and how perfectly it responds to my dives and whammy tricks. Perfect tuning always comes back around and I can feel confident in that during my shows. I have a few guitars with a Floyd Rose and the DR2 comes with a Floyd Rose Pro- which feels tighter, and better in my opinion. It's also made from better material and won't get ruined from the sweat on stage.

The fretboard radius is super duper flat at 16 inches and makes shredding and complex chording easy and comfortable. There's plenty of room for my fingers to grip each string with strength and control. Everything about this guitar was well thought out. I personally will always appreciate this guitar no matter what it's up against. The extra jumbo stainless steel frets are also something you don't find in many guitars. Usually it's a custom upgrade. But this comes standard and you can absolutely tell the difference and feel the hardness but still smoothness of the stainless.

Talk about a sexy looking guitar and it feels just as sexy. The carve all around is amazing and the contours are really slick. The scoop to the higher frets is effortless and the neck shape is perfect when it comes to fatigue and hand placement.

I wouldn't change a thing about this guitar. It'll always be a major player in my arsenal of quality guitars. I can't wait to get my hands on the baritone model!"

-Ty Fury TRAPT

"I chose to play Esoterik Guitars because I care about quality. Quality and craftsmanship are invaluable. I love it when I pick up a guitar and can tell that somebody actually cared about building it. When heart goes into the guitar, heart will come out of the guitar."

-Michael Crain RETOX / DEAD CROSS

"The amount of precision and attention to detail that went into my DR1 was nothing short of amazing. Everything felt like it was built specifically for this particular guitar. Nothing on the Esoterik is simply or "adequate" - it's ALL just top-notch. Fantastic craftsmanship, unique and killer styling, fast neck, professional-grade hardware, and a team of REAL PEOPLE to help build you a guitar precisely to your wants, it's just awesome. I'm pretty sure it actually has a pulse."


"The DR1 is a beast. I received one just in time for some last minute tracking on the new Combichrist record, and also have it out here on the road with me for the Filter 'Crazy Eyes' tour. It feels great and has plenty of low end balls, currently I'm using it for my drop A tunings."

- Oumi Kapila FILTER guitarist, producer

"There is no other guitar currently on the market that plays or looks like an Esoterik. They've somehow created a beautifully rich sounding guitar that's light as hell while creating a niche in an otherwise saturated and redundant market. Simply put, get one. "


"It all comes down to the craftsmanship. The time used to build this guitar is engraved in its playability. The details in the DR1 make it my guitar of choice for the studio, yet it's lightweight body, fast neck and easy access to lower frets make the DR1 an amazing guitar for the stage as well. Guitars come and go, but Esoterik is one to stay." 

- Tony Theory Gonzalez  ANDROMEDA THEORY

"Upon first glance, many people may shrug off brands they haven't heard of and stick with the big flashy corporate guitar makers that so many have grown comfortable with. However, Esoterik is a brand that should not be ignored, but thoroughly acknowledged and remarked. The guitars are hand made, and not a single detail is missed in the process. The neck has a one of a kind shape to it, giving the player a firm grasp on any spot around the fretboard while still playing smooth as glass and sounding full and rich. The intonation is flawless from top to bottom, and re-tuning almost seems pointless sometimes due to the insane tuning stability. The body shape is unique, classy and fits perfectly in your hands. Plus it looks totally awesome. Being one solid piece of wood, the entire guitar resonates, full bodied and bright. I would highly recommend this brand to any sort of player, from jazz all the way to metal. It is a guitar that was made with true care, and will last a lifetime."


"I'm a very picky guitar player. My Esoterik DR1 meets and exceeds my requirements. The first thing I noticed is just how beautiful this guitar is.

The materials used are top quality and the craftsmanship utilized in shaping this guitar builds a solid foundation for an exquisite instrument. No details were overlooked or missed.  The next thing I noticed was how natural it felt in my hands. The neck is a modern oval "D" shape which molds directly to your hand and creates almost frictionless playability which equates to one of the fastest necks I've ever played. The body of the DR1 is concaved and almost molds to my body. It gives perfect balance which lends the entire guitar to feel more like an extension of my body.  

The materials and neck-through design leads these guitars to provide incredible sustain and tone. 

Lastly, the hardware components used are of exceptional quality. Every piece of this guitar has been chosen and crafted to provide the perfect instrument for an artist to create music. 

My Esoterik DR1 has rightfully taken the top spot for my go to guitar."

-Seth Wrye  SLUAGH

"When I first played my DR3 it was everything I hoped it would be like. I immediately noticed it’s sleek design and how lightweight it was, I’ve never played a guitar this thin and this light before. It’s very comfortable even when playing hours at a time.

The neck shape is super flat making it much easier to play fast or to grab elaborate chord shapes, it plays like butter even in the higher register. The neck-thru design allows easy access to all 24 frets. The Kahler bridge plays very smoothly, stays in tune well and overall isn’t too complicated to work with when retuning your instrument.

The glow-in-the-dark neck inlays are a wonderful feature to have when performing live, as well as the out-of-the-way volume and tone knobs which don’t obstruct your playing. Truly everything about this guitar has been thought through for maximum performance and comfort.

As a player who likes to switch up playing styles and genres it’s great to have a guitar which has a wide tonal range. It sounds great when playing with plenty of gain and simultaneously offers wonderful warm and round cleans.

Besides all these features it’s also undeniable the design of this guitar is just plain bad ass. It’s obvious to me a lot of love is put in every guitar Esoterik produces."


"I had been looking into Esoterik for a couple of years since hearing of Deron Miller's (CKY, Foreign Objects, World Under Blood, 96 Bitter Beings) sponsorship with them, and I've always loved the sleekness and ergonomic design of these instruments.  I was absolutely blown away by the comfort and speed of my DR1's neck, as well as the overall light weight of the instrument.  Esoterik is my weapon of choice for any gigs or recording, hands down."

-Logan D Yablonski AWAKEN FROM RUIN

"I have wanted a natural finish neck-through axe for as long as I can remember, and I am incredibly happy that the LK27 baritone ended up being the one to fill that role. Our upcoming album has some tunes in drop B, so I had been considering purchasing and dedicating an axe to that tuning. The singer of my band, Brad Lambert (another Esoterik artist) has been playing a DR1, and I've been nothing but impressed with it's performance and tone delivery on stage and in the studio. So, when I saw Esoterik release a similarly beautiful guitar in a baritone model, the decision was almost instantaneous. I have never picked out a guitar without playing it first and never thought I would, but I had plenty of faith in Esoterik, and they came through big time! It plays great with effortless action, delivers solid reliable tones (which you should look forward to on Hindsight's upcoming album), and is a real work of art. I do some hobby woodworking in my spare time, so I can really appreciate that. When I'm not jamming on it at home, it hangs on the wall in my living room, never ceasing to garner complements from guests. I can't wait to implement some of these new tunes into our lineup and show this thing off on stage!

..the t-shirt is pretty badass too!"

-Andrew Jastram HINDSIGHT

"I first noticed Esoterik Guitars at NAMM 2012 and was immediately taken back by the amazing design and clean lines of their instruments. They looked like finely tuned F1 cars. Every part of the design looked as though it had a purpose and they were very aesthetically pleasing. They are like 3D works of art with their carved tops and concave backs. It wasn't until I held and played one that I realized they were more than beautiful instruments. They are indeed rocket science in a guitar! The guitars are effortless to play and the materials and construction are second to none. I immediately put an order in for one."

-Lanning Kann WOLFBORNE

"When looking for a guitar, a lot of things have to capture my attention. First and foremost, the feel. My new Esoterik DR1 is the lightest guitar I have ever held. Made of Mahogany, this beast is cut so precise. The neck is fast and allows for some great leads and the body molds right to my torso and feels just as it looks, natural. Speaking of looks, the natural wood finish creates for an eye-catching, show stopping piece. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard, “Wow!” or “That’s a great looking guitar! Can I hold it?!” Regarding looks, the sturdy hard case included is not only able to take a beating, but locks giving me 100% comfort in protecting this beast. But, let me get to the juicy bits, the sound or as us guitarist love to say, “the tone.” It hits on some perfectly beautiful cleans, allows for me to hit all harmonics, even when I’m not plugged in, but let me get to my favorite part, how heavy this beast can get! The tone that comes from the Seymour Duncan’s that came in this piece, goodness, extremely satisfied. The first show I brought this beast out for, our band, Sluagh, opened for Death Angel and DevilDriver, so I gave it a great showcase, and it did not disappoint! Ryan Cook, the owner and founder of Esoterik Guitars, has put forth his blood, sweat, and tears into a product that I can certainly stand behind as this is an amazing piece of work. Very proud to represent this company on stage! You will not be disappointed!" \m/

-Chris Jenkins SLUAGH 

"After finding Esoterik, it seemed I'd found a company that really had my thoughts and demands already in production! It seemed obvious that I had to have one! Everyone at Esoterik are at the top of their game, they are guitar players that are making guitars! It doesn't matter if I'm tracking in the studio, rehearsing or on stage, this guitar can take all the brutal punishment that i have to give my touring guitar. I've owned so many guitars over the years and never found anything with so much sustain, tone and biting brightness that I love! I just can't fault it. So much attention to detail. Everyone should own one!"

-Garth Edwards SCAR CITY

"When my manager hit me up asking if I wanted an Esoterik guitar, I didn't think too much into it because I had never heard of the company. I looked them up online and was pretty intrigued by the pictures and options! I just recently got my custom guitar and I LOVE it! It plays better and looks sharper than any other guitar I have ever played! This thing is awesome and I am proud to be apart of the family!"

-Jeffrey Christian CITY IN THE SEA

"I like the Esoterik guitar I played. It has a nice shape to the neck and sustains well in the high register. I think people will like playing these guitars."


"These guitars share every thought & emotion I have when playing without hindering my ability to express each note with extreme accuracy & ease. They do play themselves, but more importantly they make themselves a necessary extension of the player."


"Guitar players need to know what a great deal this is, and, that it is way more than a heavy metal guitar. It's great for blues and rock as well (which is what I bought it for).

You are an innovative and elite luthier who has come up with a design that moves guitar playability and comfort a step forward.  I hope that someday, Esoterik Guitars are as popular as Fenders and Gibsons, because they are a better deal than either of these guitars."

 -Bob Sauve

"First off, big props to Ryan for personally emailing order verification and updates, don't see that too often anymore. Makes you feel good to know the owner of company is just an email away. Now onto the review.  

Have owned the LK27 for about a month now. The LK27 is made in Korea, but don't let that turn you away. Build quality of the baritone guitar went above and beyond expectations. Was happy to see it comes in a hard shell case, too many vendors are switching to soft shell for guitars in this price range and above which is absurd to me.   The walnut strips and natural wood finish are beautifully done, and the body contours are unique and give it a custom feel.  Fret job is well done, everything looks and feels on point. The neck joint is super smooth and sexy, and the neck-through body gives impressive sustain. The neck profile is flat and thin, think Wizard III but better, very comfortable.  Reading through the specs, I now have to go play in the dark to test out the glow-in-the-dark side-markers (a feature most brands don't even include!). The 27" scale length is barely noticeable compared to standard scale length. Just a little bit more of a stretch when playing in the lower fret range. The guitar itself is insanely lightweight which I love, can easily hold it up over your head with one hand, thus very ergonomic when playing for extended periods of time with a shoulder strap. As someone with neck/shoulder issues, this was big for me.  

I opted for a set of 14's tuned to A standard, and the string tension is perfect, no flop. Action was nice and low out of the box just how I like. Big fan of the string through bridge.  Bridge profile is very nice, nothing poking or prodding my picking hand.  Out of the box, the guitar was pretty much in-tune which is impressive given temperature changes, etc from shipping. Very stable tuning, rarely need to adjust even after heavy tremolo picking. Have yet to mess with the truss rod, but am a fan of the 2-way adjustable nut.  Always a fan of Seymour Duncan pickups, may end up swapping them out for different models eventually, but for now the JB/59 combo works quite well, and the 5-way selector switch gives you a bunch of tonal options. Kill switch is a cool feature, have never owned a guitar with it. Volume knob is all that's needed IMO, I always just dime the tone knob anyway on other guitars.  Input jack is really solid compared to other guitars I've owned.

Kicking myself for not owning a baritone sooner, but I'm glad I waited as I likely wouldn't have found this gem. Very inspirational guitar.  I mainly play metal, but can see it being used for pretty much any genre where low end is needed. Very happy with my purchase, have and would recommend the guitar to anyone interested in playing baritone!"

-Marcus Hale

"Hi Ryan and Esoterik team. I'd like you all to know that the guitar arrived today and I plugged it in and played.... this is pretty much the best guitar I have ever laid hands on in my life. Mind blowing! The feel, the sound, the look... you guys deserve a fucking medal! Thank you so much!! Keep up the quality craftsmanship! I can't wipe the smile off my doom laden face! Sick as fuck!! 🤘😊💀🙏🙏🙏 All the best,"

-Erik Ruelin

"Hey, got the guitar today and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Unbelievable and worth the wait. I can't say enough about it. Unreal guitar at this price. I have a lot of $1000 guitars and not one of them is on this level. This guitar is no joke what so ever. I have Jackson pro's, Ibanez prestige, blah blah this guitar just feels better. Idk how you are doing it. I like this more than the esp horizon i got by a longshot. I never do emails like this but this guitar is exceptional. anyway thank you for selling something this FUCKING AMAZING at this price. Seriously when you get DR1's in stock, YOU LET ME KNOW. I want a DR1 in natural to go with this. Thanks again!"

-Andrew Fondy

"Last year, during my trip to California, I wanted to take advantage of being there to buy a real great American Guitar. Not one of those cheap guitars, with copied bad hardware flooding the market. I wanted a guitar with the best original hardware, solid as a rock with particular attention given to detail. I found all that and much more in my new Esoterik ESO-C custom! A beautiful handcrafted american Guitar with only the best hardware and awesome craftsmanship! The natural clean sound of this Guitar is unmatched to any other guitar I've ever played before ! The curved shape of the back of the body makes it so comfortable. The smooth perfect neck makes it so playable and the Seymour Duncan Blackouts makes this guitar scream like no other! This guitar really blows me away and it will be really hard to buy other guitars after this because the quality is so exceptional! Many, many thanks to Ryan for this awesome piece of real art! This Guitar is a masterpiece!"

-Sascha Bettini

"When I first opened the package, I was blown away by the TKL case and how light the total package is. The sleek black def catches the eye. After looking over the case, I opened it up and the guitar left me speechless. This guitar is gorgeous. I am truly impressed by the quality of tone woods and details put into the guitar. The neck is smooth and feels like silk in my hands. The guitar itself is surprisingly light. Two of my custom guitars are made of Mahogany but do not compare in balance and weight. Simply a beautiful piece. From the Tuners, to the dual trust rods, controls, and hardware I am truly impressed. The walnut neck and laser engraving of your logo tops it off. The Seymour Duncans gives it a warm tone to it and sounds great. Esoterik Guitars have superseded my expectations in every way."

-Brandon Tourigny

"Esoterik Guitars has created one of the most comfortable electric guitars I've ever played. Their design and craftsmanship make them almost effortless to play. Their tone and response are amazing! These guitars truly sing."

-Don Young, President/CEO National Reso-Phonic Guitars Inc. NATIONAL GUITARS

"In my job as a touring guitar tech, I have had the chance to work on and play many vintage and custom shop guitars. I have set-up and played Ace Frehley's custom built Les Pauls, I even made his 'Smoking Guitar' smoke night after night, I have set-up and played Kenny Wayne Shepherd's prototype signature Strats, set up and played his Jimi Hendrix Strat, in other words, I know a great guitar when I see, feel, hear, and play it. Esoterik Guitars are right up there in the top ten instruments I have had the opportunity to do just that, see, feel, play, and hear!!!

At first sight I knew right away I was in for a smooth but exciting ride. The master built quality of these guitars is second to none. The feel of the instrument brought back old memories of my long gone, hand-built, early 80's Charvel. The feel of the back of the neck of a natural finish is very important to me, and Esoterik Guitars have that!!! The instrument plays beautifully, and with a wide array of sounds, it WILL give you the sound you are looking for, be it a fat chunky Les Paul, or the bright snap of the best sounding Telecaster, Esoterik guitars have that and more!!!

I am looking forward to owning one of these instruments, and with all of the options that Esoterik Guitars has to offer, I know that my purchase will be everything that I have ever wanted. I personally will be spreading the message, Esoterik Guitars are one of the best guitars that money can buy!!! On my extremely picky scale of 1-10, Esoterik is a definite 10!!!"

-Joel James, Instrument Technician 

"When I played the DR1, the first thing that came to mind after opening the case was "Wow, look at this craftsmanship." The attention to detail is spot on. After the initial gawking and once over I started playing and the word to best describe the action is "fluid".... a really nice setup. I was very comfortable running scales in a box as well as up and down the neck. This is definitely a player's guitar"

-John Kenny, Guitar Store Owner at FAULTLINE MUSIC - Paso Robles, CA

"I have been a rabid guitar freak my entire life. I eat, sleep and breathe guitar as both a player and a collector. In that time I have managed to acquire 18 guitars. They range in style from classics such as Gibson Les Pauls, and Explorers and Fender Stratocasters and Teles, to more modern Ibanez RG series and ESP’s. My latest acquisition is this brand new, hand-crafted Esoterik.  This new addition has simply blown all of my other guitars - every single one of them away. It is now my hands down favorite of them all and I always say (only half joking) that this new Esoterik has ruined my entire collection! This new Esoterik DR-1 is at first glance an obvious “Super Strat” the likes of Ibanez RG Prestige series in its basic shape and dimensions, but the similarities end there. This instrument is full of innovative features that make all the difference in the world compared to its competition.  The body is light as a feather and the hardware is of the utmost quality – and was clearly cherry picked from the best parts and from the best manufacturers the business has to offer. The craftsmanship is the best I’ve ever seen, and aesthetically it has awe inspiring lines and curves in all the right places, making for one sexy work of art.  The guitar is protected by a well applied tru oil finish which highlights the exceptional beauty and iridescence of the rare choice woods used in its construction.   The neck is the best of any guitar I've ever played in the 21 years I've been playing, and the fretwork is stunning. You can tell Mr. Cook has years of experience in this particular realm. In fact I can’t tell what I like most – the neck thru construction or the amazing fretwork. Together these features put this guitar in a category all its own. Metal may be this guitar's forte, but it can handle the duty of just about any type of music that features electric guitar.

All in all, this is a wonderful guitar. I had high hopes for this instrument when I discovered the brand, but it has exceeded my expectations by a mile.  Anyone who enjoys playing rock music will love this guitar, but watch out – it will ruin all other axe’s you may have or love. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!"

-Tyler Newton


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