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Deron Miller started playing guitar at 8 years old after losing interest in piano lessons. Obsessed with KISS, eventually he discovered more and more rock and metal bands; uncovering a taste for extreme music that fed his desire to master the guitar. After Deron's first band This End Up broke up, the devastation and depression fueled a positive attitude and work ethic that spawned his new project, Foreign Objects...a science fiction inspired rock/death metal band. At the same time, and "alternative" grunge band was started alongside drummer Jess Margera called OIL. Unhappy with following the trends of the time, the two transformed OIL into Camp Kill Yourself, better known as CKY, which showcased an original and impressive style that immediately garnered the band a huge following. After selling 40,000 copies of their debut album independently, CKY became the first unsigned band to have a video in heavy rotation on MTV...a deal with Island Records followed as well as 2 more classic and highly successful studio albums Infiltrate Destroy Rebuild and An Answer Can Be Found. CKY switched over to Roadrunner Records for 2009's Carver City, their best work yet. By this time the record buying public had dwindled significantly. In 2011, his death metal band World Under Blood released their debut album Tactical on Nuclear Blast Records, selling 1,000 copies the first week and received acclaim from both fans and critics. In 2013 an acoustic album (Acoustified!) was released to great success and is set for re-release by fall of 2014. New albums by CKY, World Under Blood (Tetanus Invasive), and Foreign Objects (Galactic Prey) are also in the works. Deron has sold upwards of a million records worldwide and is more excited than ever to continue recording and touring, and is looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship with Esoterik Guitars.

Ryan Cook - Founder

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Nothing can stop Nonpoint. The band continues to deliver unique, uncompromising, and undeniable hard rock on its self-titled ninth studio album and first for Razor & Tie. Weathering lineup changes, label shifts, and other trials and tribulations, founding members Elias Soriano [vocals] and Robb Rivera [drums] regrouped with fresh blood—Dave Lizzio [guitar], Adam Wolosyzn [bass], and Rasheed Thomas [guitar]—and captured pure fire this time around. Now, you might just get burned if you’re in their way. Over the course of their nine previous releases, Nonpoint sold over 750,000 albums in North America alone. In addition to fan favorites like “What a Day” and “Circles”, their biggest radio hit to date “Bullet With a Name” reached #22 on the Mainstream Rock Charts and was featured in the hit video game WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2007 as well as the 2007 film The Condemned. Meanwhile, their cover of Phil Collins’s “In the Air Tonight” was the theme song for the film Miami Vice and hit the Mainstream Rock Charts. Soriano concludes, “It doesn’t feel like we have some kind of goal. It feels like we have a purpose, which is to put out hopeful music. When this process started, a fuse got lit. We’re not stopping until it all burns.” Their flame will only rise higher.

CITY IN THE SEA intriguingly pulls its moniker from a grim Edgar Allan Poe poem. It's a vivid, visceral rumination upon death that's quite appropriate for this quintet. On its first full-length for Sumerian Records, the group—Todd Christopher [vocals], Jeffrey Christian [vocals, guitar], Nick Rossi [guitar], Dan Marinaro [bass], and Conor White [drums]—strikes a poetic balance between murderous melody and metallic madness that'd undoubtedly put a grin on Poe's face—and any metal fan in search of something elegantly destructive for that matter. Formed while its members were still in high school, the band immediately bonded on one goal. To create "epic heavy metal", as Nick puts it. However, this is a whole new kind of epic. As a result of tapping into a singular sound and building a fervent local following, Sumerian quickly signed CITY IN THE SEA in 2012 and the groundwork for their debut effort, Below The Noise, was now in place. In the summer of 2013, CITY IN THE SEA makes a huge move into the spotlight. headlining the Sumerian Records stage at the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival alongside the likes of Rob Zombie, Five Finger Death Punch, Mastodon, Amon Amarth, Children of Bodom, and more.
Ryan Cook - Founder

Esoterik Guitars

One of the most innovative and widely admired bands to emerge from the never-ending collision between hardcore and metal, Vision Of Disorder exploded from the streets of Long Island, NYC, with their self-titled debut album in 1996. Rapidly established as one of the hottest heavy bands on the planet, they were merely reaping the rewards of several years of hard slog as they honed their daring crossover sound across a series of gritty and groundbreaking demos prior to signing with Roadrunner Records. Finally, over a decade on from their last album, VOD are back. Newly signed with revered underground label Candlelight Records, the Long Island destroyers are set to wreak havoc and incite wild pits across the globe when their brand new yet untitled full-length drops later in 2012. Reliably one step ahead of the game, the new record takes the best from past VOD releases and adds plenty of new ideas and vitality to an already heady brew of savage riffing and fearless proclamations. Let disorder reign!

Scar City hailing from the dark depths of Biggleswade, have only one goal in their music career, to bring nothing but mind blowing rock to it's heaviest level. A unique sound that is set to keep casual rock fans hooked with the clever melodies and hook filled choruses, whilst also delivering the goods to the truest of metal fans as aggressive riffs and chaotic verses swarm throughout. The review from bloodstock festival after playing with Lamb Of God, Slayer and Gojira. "As things go, new bands are, as mentioned a pleasure to find, Bloodstock provides ample opportunity to find said new bands with its policy of promoting unsigned and up and coming bands and this was no different when viewing the sensational Scar City on the New Blood Stage. You tend to perk up interest when you see singers of other bands watching on too and in the case here it was Stormbringer’s Mike Stockley looking on at the Biggleswade quintet. The heavy rock/metalcore tsunami of joyous screams, growls and harmonies hit us like a tidal wave of bliss, the technical chords of the guitars alongside the bass line pulls and thumps really got the engine revving as well. This was astonishing stuff, no wonder Mike took a look as the drumming really spiced up the whole performance. This was sensational and with a crowd in full swing of being enveloped by the boy’s grandioso sound, it was truly memorable. What we had here was a beacon of brilliance in the noise of ambiguity; Scar City were something special alright."

Esoterik Guitars

Retox is a reaction to the stagnant and boring western culture, as well as the self-proclaimed counterculture, which has slipped into a sea of pointlessness. The band manages to detach themselves from what one might consider a promotional paragraph trying to explain what is not really important to the band themselves; such as a list of influences – they are influenced by much more than music, but more so by the world at large. The band has no goal for what the future holds. Sonically, the band’s crude and primitive aspects make sense in this day and age. The band is a reaction to the world that the members and their comrades have lived in: shitty childhoods, bureaucratic frustration, and the overall justification of continuous war. That sensibility coupled with a modern artistic delivery, the music is educated as well as furious, and most importantly, blurring genre lines of punk, hardcore, thrash, metal and whatever else seems fitting to the critics.

From Vancouver, BC, Wolfborne is a hard rock band born from the local scene's hardest working musicians. In the winter of 2012/13 Lanning Kann [guitar] and Ken Goode [singer] worked with Nick Rowe (Bloodsimple), Producer Garth Richardson, Engineer Ben Kaplan and Producer Josh Wilbur who are collectively responsible for some of the biggest albums in rock and metal to create what was to become Wolfborne. The self titled debut album is due to release early 2014 with touring soon to follow. When asked for his view about Esoterik Guitars, here is what Lanning had to say. "I first noticed Esoterik Guitars at NAMM 2012 and was immediately taken back by the amazing design and clean lines of their instruments. They looked like finely tuned F1 cars. Every part of the design looked as though it had a purpose and they were very aesthetically pleasing. They are like 3D works of art with their carved tops and concave backs. It wasn't until I held and played one that I realized they were more than beautiful instruments. They are indeed rocket science in a guitar! The guitars are effortless to play and the materials and construction and second to none. I immediately put an order in for one".
Esoterik Guitars

Esoterik Guitars
Dylan Furr began playing guitar at age 10 and wrote his own music from the first year. At age 12, he started producing and recording multiple instruments, as well as mixing them. Dylan formed one of his first bands, Mirrored, while at OCHSA. Dylan was the primary composer for Mirrored's music, which featured odd time signatures, fast tempos, strange keys (sometimes a-tonal), and other interesting attributes. Mirrored played at many venues including opening for MetalFest V. After a couple years, Dylan started his self-titled one-man-band to create original progressive music. The Dylan Furr band's debut album, Isolated, became an immediate sensation getting 9+ out of 10 by multiple reviewers and earning comments about his "full throttle" playing and "impressive originality." Following the release of his fast-tempo (300 BPM) single release, "Changing Realms," Dylan gained additional respect in the guitar community.  Reviewers have called his work "utterly mesmerizing" and "mind-blowing."  With only a few exceptions by invited guests, Dylan writes100% of the parts, plays all the instruments for recording (except drums which he programs), and performs all of the vocals, along with fully mixing and mastering all his own videos and albums.

Michael Hermes is a 13 year old guitar player and composer from Portland Oregon. He plays electric and classical guitar and keyboards. Listening to everything from Devon Townsend to Guthrie Govan to Andres Segovia gives Michaels playing a very powerful but sensitive feel. He's equally at home shattering 10,000 eardrums with a foot up on the monitor or in Orchestra hall playing classical guitar to 3,000 people. Michael uses Esoterik guitars, Ernie Ball strings and Seymour Duncan pickups and has plans for world domination.
Esoterik Guitars

We Were Superheroes is an alternative rock band from San Luis Obispo, CA. They aren't trying to "save rock 'n roll", they just want to play upbeat, catchy, rock music that gets people moving. Matt Preston (Guitar/Vocals) and Jaxon Camaero (Lead Guitar) draw a lot of influence from 90's rock and contemporary indie bands, while Ben Erchul (Bass) and Anthony Shanahan (Drums) come from progressive rock roots. Since forming in 2012, they have released a full length and an EP that have received strong critical acclaim earning them spots on SLO & Dysfunctional two years in a row, an Independent Music Award Nomination, and 2 Newties. They have recently been signed to Hella Good Records and are getting ready to head into the studio to record their second full length album due out sometime next spring. They also have picked up endorsements from Esoterik Guitars and Salvage Audio which has helped propel their music and put a lot more power behind their live sound. "I have always played cheap guitars, but once I plugged in my DR3 and heard what it can do, I was hooked! It's incredible craftsman ship and design always gets people asking me about it at shows. Plus the sound is incredible! So much growl and clarity from the pickups, not to mention it's perfect intonation. I recommend these guitars to anybody of any genre." -Matt Preston (Guitar/Vocals).

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